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The passion we hold within us towards the glisten, the glimmer, the glamour and the glory in the Gems in Sri Lanka has led us to a never-ending thirst to search for more of the world class Gems that we have in our collection.

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With years of dedication and undying belief, Safaa Gems has nurtured into a trusted Gem merchant all around the world. With 40 agents on board with us, we dominate the Gem industry in the Middle East region. Safaa Gems possesses a mining site where we find most of our precious and natural Gems in Sri Lanka.

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When you see the true beauty of these mesmerizing earthly objects, you only get fascinated by the finest of all.

Enrich your life with Gemstones

Blue Sapphire Gems in Sri Lanka

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphires of the purest blue hold the highest value and attract those with an eye for rare beauty and our Blue Sapphire price in Sri Lanka offers the best rates.

Star Blue Gems in Sri Lanka

Star Blue

Unique and earthly as they are, the appeal for natural Blue Star Sapphires comes from the ancient kingdoms to present date as an elegant match for any jewelry.

Ruby Gems in Sri Lanka


Originating from the corundum family, Ruby is a precious Gemstone that leaves the beholder at awestruck. Get the best Ruby gemstone price in Sri Lanka at Safaa Gems.

Pink Sapphire Gems in Sri Lanka

Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire being the rarest Sapphire in the royal Sapphire family, gracefully becomes worthy of the Pink Sapphire price in Sri Lanka with a reputation of sophisticated feminism.

Emerald Gems in Sri Lanka


Emerald is considered as the Gem of royalty and romance in ancient Greek. Emerald stone in Sri Lanka is one of its kind with an effortless elegance.

Tourmaline Gems in Sri Lanka


Being one of the best crystals to shield from negative energies, Tourmaline gemstones in Sri Lanka are extremely rare with fine colors cherished by embedding on jewels.

Alexandrite Gems in Sri Lanka


Having the elegance and the fiery nature, our collection of Alexandrite gemstones in Sri Lanka gives out opaque and reflective qualities leaving its beholder breathless and stunned.

Garnet Gems in Sri Lanka


The fiery gemstone of passion: Garnet, is elegantly unique and will be one of the most beautiful gemstones in Sri Lanka that you will come across.

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Expect the rarest beauty

You look like you are in a hunt for natural gems in Sri Lanka. Safaa Gems offers an unparalleled collection of Gemstones for eyes that attract luxurious beauty.

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